Rap Battle 26 - The Social Network Brawl - Season 2 Finale01:52

Rap Battle 26 - The Social Network Brawl - Season 2 Finale

Social Network Brawl
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The 26th battle in EpicRapBattle10's Rap Battles. It is the Season 2 Finale. It is an 8-way battle between the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine. It was uploaded June 26th, 2013.



Think that you can battle me? Go ahead, come at it,

'Cause while you may like this battle, you sure won't like my status!

I'm the King of Social Networks, and you're all just a bunch of losers,

Not to mention my site still recieves the most users!


Oh Facebook, shut up, you're just a little grumpy,

'Cause they all left you for me, something much more lovely!

I'm the next generation, it's not that hard to see,

That while all the spammers use you, all the celebrities use me!


Yo, can't get up in my face,

This is my territory, also known as MySpace,

I started social networks, you're all just a disgrace,

While my legacy is gone, I can never be replaced!

Google Plus:Edit

Oh Lord almighty! I can't take it anymore!

What the hell is MySpace? Never heard of it before,

Google plus is the fuss of the next generation,

So think twice before you mess with the biggest corporation!


Youtube! Old news with the rest of yall,

I'm the site that ERB10 made this damn video on!

People make millions just by working for us,

While the rest of the networks are just one giant bust!


Oh, I guess it's not in your best intrest,

To battle with the pin-pinning network of Pinterest!

I'm delievering more verses and you'll always get the best of me,

I've started the new trend of giving everyone new recipies!


We got video now, you're all going down,

'Bout to filter you out, show you what it's about!

And YouTube, I must admit it's pretty sad,

I can't watch a video without having to watch the damn ad!


Hey Instagram, it's cool that you have video now,

Where did you come up with that idea? I have no idea how,

You may have jacked our style, but we'll let it be,

At least until ERB10's Season 3!

Who Won?

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