Rap Battle 20 - Will Ferrell vs

Rap Battle 20 - Will Ferrell vs. Jack Black - Season 2

 Basics Edit

The 3rd Battle in EpicRapBattles10's Season 2 (20 in all). It features Jack Black against Will Ferrell in a battle of the comedians. It was uploaded July 26th, 2012.


Jack Black:Edit

It's Jack Black, Buddy, and there ain't no other,

How 'bout I bang your mother and make you a REAL Step-Brother?

Ha! I can't believe you were a Best Actor Nominee,

You completly destroyed the entire name of comedy!

In all your movies, you're a massive douche,

I'll take you down hard with a giant SKADUSH!

I might as well just rap battle myself,

I don't know what's tighter, this battle or your costume in Elf!

Will Ferrell:Edit

Well speaking of Nominees, you've held one before,

When you were hosting the god damn Kid's Choice Awards!

I play in real movies, don't make me backhand ya',

Your main role in a movie was a fat, annoying panda!

You can't ge me Jack! I got this game on lock,

Give me a guitar, I bet I could get into the School of Rock!

Your lyrics dude, are just way out of control,

They only call you up when they need a fat guy to play a role!

Jack Black:Edit

Just forget it man, maybe I should just start leaving,

Go play with some soccer balls, call it Kicking and Screaming,

Beating you? Well, that's my new addiction,

But you beating me? That's stranger than fiction,

You shed more glitter than Mr. Peter Pan,

I'm the King of the Entire World, you're just an Anchorman,

But forget it Ferrell, i'll just let it go,

Just like your basketball team, your raps are SEMI-PRO!

Will Ferrell:Edit

That's funny, you got it all wrong,

You can't rap so just stick to writing your non-comidic songs!

Will you ever lose weight? One can only wonder,

I'll tear the roof off the place like it's a Tropic Thunder!

I've worked with you before, yes it's true,

But i'm afraid Tom Cruise has more talent than you!

I beat you in this battle, and everyone knows,

Now excuse me while I go back to my Boats N' Hoes!

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