Rap Battle 2 - Charlie Sheen vs

Rap Battle 2 - Charlie Sheen vs. Rebecca Black

Charlie Sheen VS Rebecca Black
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The 2nd Battle in EpicRapBattles10's Rap battles. It features the addict actor Charlie Sheen versus the singer of Friday, Rebecca Black.


Charlie Sheen:Edit

My name is Charlie Sheen, and I do hardcore drugs,

Your voice sounds like your throat's stuffed with stink bugs,

Some idiotic people think your voice is nice,

But your video has over 2 million dislikes,

Between you and Justin Bieber, I pick neither,

I bet you never heard of the word autotune either,

You made your first song? Whoop Dee Doo!

The only reason you're famous is because everybody hates you!

Rebecca Black:Edit

You got kicked out of the 2 and a Half Men cast and crew,

And I bet the half man in that show was you,

With so many drugs, you didn't know what the hell to do,

You're just pissed because my video got more viewers than your interview,

After this battle, you won't be grinning,

Because for once in your life, you won't be "Winning!",

Sorry Charlie Sheen, no need to be mean,

But your show will no longer ever brodcast a scene.

Charlie Sheen:Edit

You talk about my failure? Damn, what a fool!

Your song sounds like it was meant for Elementary school!

"Thursday comes before, and Saterday after that",

What's next? You're gonna tell us the night sky is black?

Speaking of Black, isn't that your last name?

Full of nothing but untalent and fame,

You know the music buissness, it isn't a game,

And after watching your video, you should be ashamed!

Rebecca Black:Edit

Yeah bitch! They call me Rebecca Black!

Not only can I sing, I can school your ass with rap,

You're pathetic, your drugs must have JUST kicked in,

And your brain might need a little bit of fixing,

Your mind runs backwards, from finish to start,

If I'm so bad why is my song 31 on the iTunes chart?

I run this rap, AND this beat,

But you're not allowed to sit, in MY backseat!

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