Rap Battle 16 - Willy Wonka vs

Rap Battle 16 - Willy Wonka vs. Ronald McDonald - PART 2


The 16th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It's a rematch for previous battlers Willy Wonka and Ronald McDonald. It was uploaded April 22nd, 2012.


Willy Wonka:Edit

Willy Wonka's here coming in for part dos!

And just like the first battle this won't even be close!

I have a whole factory, you just have a tiny building,

I'm the whole Thanksgiving meal, you're just a plater of filling!

You hear hear me rapping son? I think it's time you quit!

(Beat stops)

Our chocolate is astonishing...

(Beat returns)


I wouldn't even eat it if it was the last thing on Earth,

You put so much fat in people, it looks like they're giving birth!

Ronald McDonald:Edit

You ready Double W? Yes you know it's me,

Someone's a little cranky, as people are taking your recipe,

You would want to steal that? Your chocolate is toxic waste,

And when I try to eat it, that shit melts all over my face!

You closed your factory? Now we're all in Heaven,

Come on through our Drive Thru, we're open 24/7!

I got the whole crowd in a field of laughter,

The "M" on my chest stands for what your girl calls me, MASTER.

Willy Wonka:Edit

My factory is open you silly little pig!

You look like a pedophile wearing that jumpsuit and horrid wig!

In this battle, you've already been destroyed,

I give kids my whole factory, you just give them useless toys,

Children love me better, I have edible sand,

I have a chocolate waterfall, you just offer a Playland!

So shut your red lips, quit acting so silly,

I make it rain rhymes, so you can call me a WET WILLY!

Ronald McDonald:Edit

I've had enough of you Wonka! Time to close you out!

I would eat a spider before let you food into my mouth!

Let's see who wins this battle, our meat comes fresh from cattle,

Does baby Willy need his rattle? Looks like you're swimming without a paddle!

Eating your chocolate is an honest mistake,

You feel that Willy? My rhymes make the ground shake!

Mikey D is done, time to close the fence,

Would you like some fresh coffee? It's only 99 Cents!

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