Rap Battle 15 - Eli Manning vs

Rap Battle 15 - Eli Manning vs. Peyton Manning


The 15th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It has brothers and NFL rivals Eli Manning and his older brother Peyton Manning. It was uploaded April 15th, 2012.


Eli Manning:Edit

You may be the older brother, but it's clear that i'm the King!

You wanna talk football? Let's discuss SuperBowl rings!

You think that you're a better player? Man, just beat it!

Ask the Patriots how it feels to lose a game being undefeated!

All I see is Peyton Manning, you're all over the news,

My wide receivers can actrually catch, salsa over you like Victor Cruz!

So bring it on big brother, now that your injury has faded,

I'm an elite quarterback, you've already been traded!

Peyton Manning:Edit

Well little brother, I can honestly say,

That I would never see the day that you compare yourself to me,

You won two SuperBowls? Yeah that's a fact,

YOU wanna talk football? Let me pull up some stats,

My QB rating is better, that is not a question,

You're only elite because I gave you private throwing lessons,

Even when you were little, I taught you how to ride a bike!

You really think you're the better player? Ready, Set, SIKE!

Eli Manning:Edit

Listen up Peyton, what the hell should I say?

You gave me private lessons, but I didn't need them anyway,

I was already elite, get THAT through your head,

I'm good at delivering balls, at least that's what your wife said!

I throw a wide receiver streak, every day of the week,

Beating you is what I seek, I can beat you in my sleep,

Think that you're a good QB? You be comin' after me,

Well brother it's not hard to see that this is all just fantasy!

Peyton Manning:Edit

I had enough of you little brother! SHUT YO MOUTH!

I'm the one representing QB's from the south!

You think that you know what the future will bring?

But by the end of your career, I'LL have more Superbowl rings!

Battling you is pointless, you aren't as good as it seems,

I'm owning up the stats on everyone's fantasy team,

I'm gonna hit up the beach, maybe start my tanning,

But everybody in the League knows that I'M the better Manning!

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