Rap Battle 11 - Spiderman vs

Rap Battle 11 - Spiderman vs. Captain Hook


The 11th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features Marvel's wall-crawler Spiderman versus Disney's Neverland pirate Captain Hook. It was uploaded December 27th, 2011.



Spiderman is here, about to give you a fight,

You spent your whole entire life chasing a boy in tights,

Watch out Mr. Hook, Peter will shoot you with his arrow,

You're just a no good wannabe version of Captain Jack Sparrow!

What, is this battle not going as you planned?

I would give give you the mic, if you didn't have a hook for a hand,

My future is brighter, your future is darker,

Now prepare to get an ass kicking from me, Peter Parker.

Captain Hook:Edit

I'll burn you ass so bad like a terrible cooker,

I get a lot of girls bitch, so you can call me Captain Hooker!

I hate people in tights, just ask Peter Pan,

And i'm pretty sure you're wearing tights too Spiderman,

You're entering this battle? Don't even bother,

At least I didn't go and kill my best friend's father,

Hey kid, i heard your Spidey Senses kicking in,

Don't even try to dis me, screw this battle, cause you know i'll win!


You think you won this battle? Take a loss like a man,

I'll beat your ass so bad, you'll go flying back to Neverland,

Tell me Mr. Hook, what are you going to do?

You wouldn't win this battle if you had your whole entire crew!

I throw you in the water, deep in the Ocean Blue,

If I can beat Doc Ock, i'm pretty sure I can beat you too!

I can rap rhymes faster than you can blink,

Just like your ship in this battle, you will SINK!

Captain Hook:Edit

You beat Doc Ock? I'm not alarmed,

He's just a human octopus with giant ass arms,

You may have the fortune, but I have the fame,

Why don't you just chase after that slut Mary Jane,

Spiderman just leave, you don't wanna stay,

Forget Mary Jane, she wasen't good for you anyway,

I'm gonna go, i've spent too much time chillin'

Just consider this the first time you got beat by a villain!

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