YouTube Users Rap Battle - EpicRapBattles10 vs

YouTube Users Rap Battle - EpicRapBattles10 vs. LegendOfRapBattles


A bonus rap battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features Charles and Dan of EpicRapBattles10 versus the discontinued battle maker LegendsOfRapBattles. It was uploaded March 25th, 2012.



Last page of this Legend, afraid this story's about to end,

For you AND your boyfriend EpicRapBattles10!

Been to infinity and beyond, and still made it back,

I got the Chief on my squad, can you compare to that?

You had a good reign, but now i'll make you fall,

I've got Optimus as a bodyguard, you got Miss Black as a booty call,

Think the Grinch is a good wingman?

I'll make him cry harder than the Whos down in Who Land!


Look at this guy! Thinks that he's real scary,

He calls himself LegendsOfRapBattles, but I don't see nothing Legendary!

Makes a video challenging me, trying to create a fuss,

I'll beat your ass so bad, you'll end up on the back of the short bus!

Have you even hit puberty? It seems like you don't have a clue,

You have 150 subscribers? We have 5 million video views!

So back up wannabe rapper, your time here is slim,

Ask NicePeter, even he says EpicRapBattles10 would win!


Put Charlie Sheen against Goku, let's see how long it'll last,

You can keep your Justin Bieber, i'll stick with Johnny Cash!

You rap like you're drunk, and look like you're wasted,

I'd watch your battles, but poop is something I don't play with,

I got a bigger body count than Ezio Auditore,

You're just like Harry Potter, only epic in the stories!

Some raps are Amateur, Average, and even of History,

But one thing's for certain, They'll never be Legendary!


I'm sober when I make my raps, you don't know what to do!

Hell, I could rap drunk and still make a better battle than you!

You sound like a Hobo living in a box on the street,

Your LORB logo stands for "Losers On Rap Beats"!

You call yourself a Legend? I can easily comnpare to that!

You're the worst thing that's ever happened on Youtube since Rebecca Black!

Your videos are so bad, I think that they could be banned,

But in the meantime, go make a video for all 3 of your fans!

Who Won?

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