Whom the Rapper is based off from


Call Card

Creepy Black battled Lost Silver, BRVR and Lavender Town Syndrome in Creepy Black vs Lost Silver. He is played by Matthew Thomas (audio) and Justin Buckner (video).

Information on the Rapper:Edit

Pokémon Creepy Black is a creepypasta about a bootleg Pokémon Red Gameboy game in which other trainers and Pokémon can be killed. The creepypasta predates the release of the Nintendo DS game Pokémon Black.


Verse One:Edit

It’s time to kill a faggot who lost both of his arms,

I’m the creepy black ghost, get ready to be harmed.

Why do you look like a emo in fucking black & fucking white?

I’m the best pokemon, get out of my fucking sight.

I kill pokemon, all you did was kill yourself,

why am i battling you when i could face a little ben elf.

You’re just an emo pokemon trainer who can’t write a good verse,

now time to end this battle. GO GHOST USE CURSE!

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