Charlie Sheen
Character Information
Birth name Carlos Irwin Estévez
Nickname(s) Charlie Sheen

Mr. "Winning!"

Born September 3rd, 1965 (47)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In EpicRapBattles10's Rap Battle 2

EpicRapBattles10's Rap Battle 17

Vs Rebecca Black
Release Date May 8th, 2011
Votes on Website 66.6% (Winning!)

Charlie Sheen battled Rebecca Black in EpicRapBattles10's Rap Battle 2.

Information on the RapperEdit

Carlos Irwin Estevez, better known as his stage name, Charlie Sheen, was born September 3rd, 1965 in New York City. His family is from Spain, he has two brothers and one sister. Sheen started acting at a young age, being in his first movie, The Execution of Private Slovik, at age nine. Sheen was a baseball player at Santa Monica High. Before he could graduate, however, he was expelled for attendance and bad grades. After this, he began acting in many movies, most famously in Scary Movie 3 and 4. Later, he played one of the lead actors in Two and a Half Men, where he earned a lot of fame and money. Later, he was banned from the show, and had his famous "meltdown", and had to go into rehab for drug use. He overdosed in May 1998, and was hospitalized. Sheen was coined many different catchphrases, such has "Winning!" "I got tiger blood" and "Adonis DNA". He has had many adult film actresses as girlfriends, and has a total of 5 kids. He has earned Guiness World Records for "Fastest Person to 1 Million Followers on Twitter" and "Most paid Televison Actor"


EpicRapBattles10's Rap Battle 2:Edit

Verse One:Edit

My name is Charlie Sheen and I do hardcore drugs,

Your voice sounds like your throats stuffed with stinkbugs!

Some idiotic people think your voice is nice,

Even though your video has over 2 million dislikes!

Between you and Justin Bieber? I pick neither!

I bet you never heard the word "Autotune" either!

You made your first song? Whoop De Doo!

The only reason you're famous is because everybody hates you!

Verse Two:Edit

You're talking about MY failure? Damn, what a fool!

Your song sounds like it was meant for Elementary School!

"Thursday comes before, and Saterday after that"?

What's next? You're gonna tell us the night sky is black?

Speaking of Black, isn't that your last name?

Full of nothing but untalent and fame!

The music buissness, it isn't a game,

And after watching your video, you should be ashamed!

EpicRapBattles10's Rap Battle 17:Edit

My name is Charlie Sheen and I do hardcore drugs,

Your search engines seriously need to shut the hell up!

You think you're better rappers? That's clearly untrue!

If I can take Rebecca Black, I can take you too!

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