Huckleberry Justin Michael Buckner (born June 9th, 1998) is a Rapper, Actor, Director, Editor, and a YouTuber. He Co-owns a series called Epic Rap Battle Parodies that he and Nathan Provost founded on December 16th, 2011.

His Channels:

JMBSonic98 Made Febuary 1st 2010 - Inactive

TheHuckBuck98 Made June 15th 2011 - Deleted Because of his Stepdad found out he made shitty covers of ERB

JustinMBuckner Made November 2nd 2011 - Deleted Because Mom and Stepdad found out he showed his '2 penis

XP9RapBattles Made November 15th 2011 - Inactive

Epic Rap Battle Parodies

Justin Bucker - Made January 16th 2012

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