Whom Cameo is based off


Garrett Toler as Brock

Brock appeared as a cameo in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 18. He is played by Garrett Toler.


Brock (Japanese: タケシ Takeshi) is a close friend and former traveling partner of Ash Ketchum. In the anime, Brock is a Pokémon Breeder and a former Gym Leader of Pewter City who is a close friend and traveling companion of Ash's. Some notes on official sketches of his character set his age at 15 at the start of the series. One of his best known character traits is that he falls in love with every pretty woman he meets, particularly Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. He can tell whether they are real (women) or impostors as well. This "ability" has been used multiple times in the series. He has always held a supporting role in the series, usually contributing more in terms of wisdom and comedic antics than the action and battles of the series. Brock's most notable feature about his appearance is that his eyes naturally appear closed.

Cameo LineEdit

I got an army of leaders, come and fight me and my crew.


Epic Rap Battle ParodiesEdit

  • Brock appeared as a cameo when Ash Ketchum said "Come and fight me and my crew"

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