Big Nate vs. Greg Heffley is the 5th battle of Epic Rap Battles Parothese, it was made by TheWuzShadyFilmMaker.

Greg Heffley Edit

  • I'm a bestseller, entertaining kids of all ages!

Both of our books started when we were only in the sixth grade?!

Each of us have a love for girls and comic strips!

You call yourself Big Nate? You're only 4 foot 6!

What's up with your hair? You'll be looking like a fool!

Your "Little Nate" books are lame, I'm considered cool!

Now I'm in need of a good laugh, so I'm gonna give you a shot at the mic,


Big NateEdit

  • Look at this, I'm battling a 3-year-old version of Charlie Brown!

At least in my series, I was considered the class clown.

It's a diary, I mean, it's written on the cover!

You got a metal-head teen and a wreck of a scene, and they are your brothers!

Step back! I was told in which you have the Cheese Touch!

You took the blame for Rowley, so I'm guessing that's sort of a plus.

HA! Your insults are weak, just like the chances

of you ca-pwning Fregley in a wrestling match!

Greg HeffleyEdit

  • Laughs* Well what did I say, kid?

It appears I've won this battle, so it's best you just exit!

I ought to stuff you in my backpack!

It appears you ain't EVER going to come back!

Big Nate Edit

  • I said step back, you're accused of touching the cheese!

Stop focusing on your raps and work on your friendship with Rowley!

This battle is over! Congrats, you lost!

Now I ought to be leaving the building Like a Boss!

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