Stewie Griffin Vs Justin Bieber is the first rap battle made by Best Rap Battles of All Time uploaded on April 2, 2011

Cast: Edit

Stewie Griffin: Nash Burt

Justin Bieber: Kevin Mervart

Screenshot 55

Stewie Griffin

Screenshot 56

Justin Bieber

Lyrics Edit

Stewie Griffin: Edit

What The Duece??? Who Are you???

I Was About To Kill Lois

This Doesn't look like your homo alley, does this?

Do you know who i am? I am stewie griffin.

I've killed several babies, i'm a super villain.

You're a little dick that will do heroin.

I got my best pal Brian, hes right by my side and

In this rap battle you're just dying.

You're the lyrical Justin Bieber, coming from the land of beavers.

And I don't give a crap about Bieber Fever.

Justin Bieber: Edit

Look at all these big bucks i just got from usher

Now you're about to get stomped by this wimp crusher

and Now I got a million girls who all want to date me

and Now I'm a bigger hit than AC/DC

Stewie Griffin: Edit

You know you can brag all day long.

But if you think you're the best, MAN You're wrong!!!

You silly little kid, you think that you can sing.

But i got more talent in my Ding-A-Ling.

Justin Bieber: Edit

You Think You're tough? You think you're evil?

Well little kid you should get down and kneel

To the king that can sing and is better than them all.

Now Look at you you're 2 feet tall.

Now Just go to the corner and Bawl. (Slow Motion) BAAAWWWWLLLLL.

Your Dad is Fat, you're sis ain't hot

You're best friend's a dog.

I searched "gay as hell" and i found you're blog.

I'm JB i'm a legend, i'm bigger than the world.

And lets Face it, you're a puny nerd........