Insanity Wolf vs02:43

Insanity Wolf vs. Courage Wolf - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES

The 5th installment of Animeme Rap Battles. It features crazy Insanity Wolf against the heroic Courage Wolf to see which is the best Wolf Meme. It was uploaded July 15th, 2013.


Toby Turner as Courage Wolf

RedMinus as Insanity Wolf


Insanity Wolf:Edit

Must have taken every ounce of your courage to agree to fight me here, Do you know who I am?

I'm Insanity Wolf! I feel a baby kick, I kick it back!

In the delivery room, I Spawn Camp! Get a kill, Teabag a bear trap!

Watch porn in the front row of class! Fap, Fap, Fap!

Do the math, motherfucker, I'm Insane!

I do the Cinnamon Challenge with cocaine!

When life gave me lemons, I fucked it in the ass, and gave it Lemonaids!

Ran into your girl the other day with my car----Is she okay?

Courage Wolf:Edit

You are the result of 4 Billion years of evolutionary success,

fucking act like it! And my girls fine, we just had sex.

Do the Math? Well, I forgot my pencil. Guess I'll take notes in your blood!

God gave you lemons? Find a new GOD!!!!!

I take the scenic route through Mordor, walk in through the front door,

So much courage I do the Worm, with a boner!

You got no friends, you loner! Where's your wolf pack?

Even Jacob from Twilight could kick your ass,

Fuck off! (Howling)

Insanity Wolf:Edit

I put the fun in funeral, laughter in slaughter!

But first, I'll trap you underneath the stairs, Harry Potter!

Then I'll murder your parents, so your bloodline's diminished!

Then bury them, who's grounded now, bitches!?!

Courage Wolf:Edit

I made your Mom come, you could at least make me breakfast!

You're a failure, I'mma swallow you, and shit out Success Kid!

You give nothing to society, except a headache!

Where's my Worcestershire? You're getting beat to a skirt steak!

Insanity Wolf:Edit

I give nothing to society? Yeah, that's a real crock of shit!

I feed the homeless, TO the homeless, donate blood, ALL of it!

I will deliver you into evil, and lead you into temptation!

Got a headache? I've got your cure. Decapitation!

Courage Wolf:Edit

What doesn't kill me, better run the fuck away!

Who are you again? I kicked ass, and don't have time to take names!

You think I lost? Here's the twist, I'm the Final Boss! Say goodbye!

You've reached your peak and now it's your time to DIEEEE!

Who Won?

The poll was created at 01:11 on July 16, 2013, and so far 661 people voted.

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