Andy Milonakis battled Macklemore, Eminem, Eyedea, Mac Miller, Kid Rock and Tupac in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 14. He was played by Justin Buckner.

Who the Rapper is based off of

Information on the rapperEdit

Andy Milonakis (born on January 30, 1976) is an american rapper, actor, comedian, and writer. He was born with congenital growth hormone condition which makes him look and sound like an adolescent even though he's an adult. He is mainly known for creating and starring in the Andy Minonakis Show. his show stars on MTV.


I rock peas on my head, but don't call me a peahead!

It's time to show these swaggy-faggies that they're truly inbred!

I had my own show on MTV, all you had was lawsuits,

You should be in a basket, because your raps are like fruits!

That means you're little homosexuals that whine and cry,

And write raps about your lifestory and how you want to die!

Humor is a great defense mechanism,

My raps will grow, unlike my congential hormone syndrome!

Macklemore, more like Macklewhore, what's up with that?

Did Ryan Lewis touch your cold-ass honkey, in your pants you went ker-splat?

I would rather eat Skittles than acknowlage Eminem,

I will brutally stab you, throw you in a trunk like Kim!

If you're a dumb, spitting, wigger, you're not the king of rap!

Emimore, you're about to get conjoined with a bitch slap!

You're never gonna dis the Schmandy Schmilishmokas,

Because it's MY show, i'm Andy Milonakis!

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