Megaman VS Vectorman - The 8Bit Rap Battles 902:01

Megaman VS Vectorman - The 8Bit Rap Battles 9

 The 9th installment of 8 Bit Rap Battles. It features blue bomber Mega Man rapping against the trash compactor Vectorman. It was uploaded October 16th, 2013.
Mega Man VS Vectorman
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Py3rr as Mega Man and Vectorman

Jwil4n as Vectorman


Mega Man:Edit

Are you ready trash can? Here comes the evolution!

Too bad you're not a robot from the next generation!

Man, you look like a rusty CrystalMan, full of dirty oil,

I bet you're still running on Petrol, don't make your inner system overboil!

You're made of floating spheres, a bunch of green bladers,

All your connections suck, go update your brain drivers!

You're a Space DustMan with no personal goals,

Long story short, dorky bot, you look like my balls!


As a waste collector, I'm gonna start my mission,

Clean up the rubbish you are to complete disinfection,

Don't waste your time swearing like a trooper,

I have no feelings at all, a merciless destroyer,

You're a metal kid, fool and innocent,

Like me, you're a copy, not that important,

A random Space DustMan you say? A funny factoid,

Remember, Repolid is the abbriviaion of Replica Android.

Mega Man:Edit

Why did humans make you talk? You just need to clean up some shit!

I'm a famous superstar, it's time for you to quit!

You got shot once by a missile, you know how to run away!

If you train to level up, you may be can defeat my last generation someday!

I fucked up countless Mavericks, they all belong to the past,

Everyone who fought against me has felt the wraith of my blast!

I'm too hard to be beaten, I do whatever a robot can,

Before to become even stronger, everyone called me RockMan!


You think you rock, but those are just some easy tricks,

Of what orbots can do if they want to erase your Mavericks!

If your legend only remains on your fight against an asshole,

I'm not surprised they took people like Zero to fit the role!

I just don't care about your skills, your successors, or your life,

Where's the power button so I can end up this strife?

I'd lock you up in your capsule, it won't take lots of hours,

If this would make you shut up for another thirty years!

Artwork/News VideoEdit

8Bit Drawing - Megaman VS Vectorman - CC News & Teaser Battle 10-004:26

8Bit Drawing - Megaman VS Vectorman - CC News & Teaser Battle 10-0

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