Ganon VS Bowser - The 8Bit Rap Battles 4

Ganon VS Bowser - The 8Bit Rap Battles 4

Ganon VS Bowser
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The 4th installment of 8 Bit Rap Battles. It features the anagonist of the Mario series, Bowser, against the main villain of the Legend of Zelda series, Ganon. It was uploaded December 8th, 2012.


Py3rr as Bowser/Dry Bowser

Jwil4n as Ganondorf/Ganon



I am Ganondorf Dragmire,

Great King of Evil not a stupid Italian plumber,

I'm gonna set this place on fire,

What can a fat turtle do against a great sorcerer?

You spend all your time in a dusty dungeon,

Even with a thousand shrooms you'll still be a stupid moron,

To be loved by the princess, that'd be your ultimate wish,

Let me show you how to make a son of a Peach.


Wait a minute spear-nosed ginger,

I can also throw hammers and spit fire,

I'm gonna show you how things really work,

You call yourself a king, but you're just a Gerudork,

Against your green Hylian you can have some ambition,

But you can't stop losing all along the incarnations.

There's a Link between him and I, you're gonna lose, dumbass,

Now take the ocarina and stick it up your ass!


  • Transforms into Ganon

This is now a fight of beasts in the beats,

I'm glad that you came, I'm gonna make some turtle meat,

It's pretty funny when it comes to your minions,

To see they chose to follow a retarded felon,

Do not mess with me for I am the one true boss,

Compared to what I am you seem to be a little gross.

And if you like fire and lava i'll send you into the core,

I'm gonna destroy your castle after your Gone Forevermore.

Dry Bowser:Edit

Not this time.....

  • Builds back together as Dry Bowser 

"Gone Forevermore" doesn't sound very well,

It's too easy for me to return from Hell,

Hyrule must be the land of the Coward League,

If everybody there is threatened by a pig,

What can I say? I am bad to the bone,

I will be the one to stand on the throne,

As the rumor says, you have the part of Power,

Triforce my ass, I AM THE WINNER.

Artwork VideoEdit

8Bit Drawing - Ganon VS Bowser & Teaser Battle 5

8Bit Drawing - Ganon VS Bowser & Teaser Battle 5

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