Alucard VS Vincent Valentine - The 8Bit Rap Battles 3

Alucard VS Vincent Valentine - The 8Bit Rap Battles 3

Alucard VS Vincent Valentine
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The 3rd installment and Halloween Special of 8 Bit Rap Battles. It features Castevania vampire Alucard rapping against the ageless Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy. It was uploaded October 9th,2012.


Py3rr as Alucard

Jwil4n as Vincent Valentine



The son of Dracula has descended from the skies,

And is now ready to kick your ass,

Your bloody tears will shredding the nights,

A 1000 materias wouldn't help you to stop my wrath,

You should have stayed locked up in this manor inside your burial place,

With nothing but the lamentations of your innocence,

You will crawl under the rhymes of my symphony,

This battle may be your Final Fantasy.

Vincent Valentine:Edit

Arrogant worlds, you old vampire,

You're but a dhampir rising from an infinite slumber,

You look like a man from a gothic circus,

Times have changed, now hear the Dirge of my Cerberus,

You can't defeat me, you're drowned in a dance of illusions,

You only used your experience to embrace juvenile passions,

I shall destroy, but I seek no glory,

In slautering a man born in the 15th century.


Can you hear this sound? The dawn of your sorrow,

You're just an experiment born to live as a shadow,

Where are your dear friends? You better go find them,

As alone you are nothing, maybe it's time for a Moonlight Requiem,

Do not claim victory this is not even the end,

I may be just a "freak" and yet here I stand,

Valentine is a cute name for a spoken vampire,

I'm gonna crush your ego, and set your soul on fire.

Vincent Valentine:Edit

Not so fast, freaky monster,

I have some tricks to show before this battle is over,

Man you don't know how far you've crossed the line,

You may desend from the sky, but you will never touch the divine,

There is also one more thing I would like to tell,

You can live in the dark, but know nothing of Hell,

I will end this fight between two lords of shadows,

Here is my Limit Break, let me summon chaos!

Artwork VideoEdit

8Bit Drawing - Alucard VS Vincent Valentine & Teaser Battle 4

8Bit Drawing - Alucard VS Vincent Valentine & Teaser Battle 4

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