Crash VS Spyro - The 8Bit Rap Battles 2

Crash VS Spyro - The 8Bit Rap Battles 2

Crash Bandicoot VS Spyro the Dragon
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The 2nd installment of 8 Bit Rap Battles. It has Playstation's two older mascots, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, in a rap battle. It was uploaded August 1st, 2012.


Py3rr as Spyro the Dragon

Jwil4n as Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot:Edit

So they told me I would face a dragon,

But all I see now is just a purble moron,

Even as a lizard, you lack some charism,

It'll be a piece of cake to crush you in the bass and drums,

Seriouly dude, what's wrong with your face?

You look like a bulldog sent in the outer space,

I would call you Spyro the Boozy,

You should go ask Moneybags some bills for surgery.

Spyro the Dragon:Edit

I won't be kidding about your face, it would be too easy,

Go hide yourself behind your mask, Welcome to the World of Repartee,

It's funny to see your worst enemy is called Cortex,

Neurons may grow if you'd stop fighting against and start having sex,

It was far better when you didn't speak and when you put the volume down,

If LoserLand would be your realm, you'd take the golden crown!

Crash is a good name for you judging by what'll be goin' on,

Gather your broken pride, It's time to back in your stupid town.

Crash Bandicoot:Edit

It's okay, take it easy kiddo,

You don't need to compensate your size by your flow,

You look really cute with your corny dragonfly,

Why don't you fly with her in the blue blue sky?

And please don't move, this will make a good target,

I'll gladly send you back to FagPlanet,

You can also taste my blowing tornado,

A crappy love story catapulted over the rainbow.

Spyro the Dragon:Edit

I can also burn your face if you don't wanna stop your mess,

Or you could pass by charging a wall and I couldn't care less,

Sure it won't hurt your brain for it's totally empty inside your head,

Come on I'm sure you didn't even get the first words I said,

At least you can breathe by your own, you don't the instuctions,

Try not to poo while you're asleep, and that's the 2nd lesson,

I will cook your butt like I cook some bacon,

After all, how can a Bandicoot take a proud dragon down?

Artwork VideoEdit

8Bit Drawing - Crash VS Spyro & Teaser Battle 3

8Bit Drawing - Crash VS Spyro & Teaser Battle 3

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