Katniss Everdeen VS Legolas - The 8Bit Rap Battle02:23

Katniss Everdeen VS Legolas - The 8Bit Rap Battle


Katniss Everdeen VS Legolas
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The second installment of 8 Bit Rap Battles' Movie Time series. It features the Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen, rapping against Lord of the Rings archer, Legolas. It was released April 4th, 2014.


Py3rr as Legolas

Unknown Actress as Katniss Everdeen

Unknown Actor as Claudius Templesmith


Katniss Everdeen:Edit

The Hunger Games have begun, let's start the rap edition,

It's not gonna be tough this time, against the tame Thranguilion,

You metro-sexual Blondie living in daddy's shadow,

Between you and a dwarf, who did your dear redhead follow?

I am tolerant, volunteer, I'm willing to sacrifice,

You spent countless years hiding in a forest cold as ice!

Plus you're a proud member of the fellowship of morons,

I am the Girl on Fire, an emblem of revolution!


A red sun rises, the omen is clear,

I'm gonna beat this puppet and teach you the meaning of fear,

You're but a random commoner from the poorest and worst District,

An arrow in your butt will be the term of my verdict,

I am the prince of Mirkwood, you can't just come and put me down,

You have to slay kids to be the shining pride of your town,

Your life is a remake of Twilight with more control and countdown,

You're everything you hate, good work, you won the bitch crown!

Claudius Templesmith:Edit

Best score goes to Katniss Everdeen, Congratulations, mademoiselle!

Katniss Everdeen:Edit

That's what I do while you hunt tiny dwarfs in wine barrels!

Greenleaf suits you freaking well, arrogant elvish hippie,

Keep smoking some longbottom leaf and Old Toby in your country!

You call me a puppet, but I make fun of the media,

My smiles are just a strategy to prepare my vendetta!

Fate is a slut, Legol-ass, your best friend is what you loathe,

My mocking bird is singing right now, because you make me laugh!


You're a mortal being and a virgin,

I'll still be a strong warrior while you rest deep in your coffin,

You think your revolution is a blessing, but you're a pawn on the chessboard,

Useless sidekicks and injuries, that is the very best you can afford,

  • Speaks in elvish

[Stop, much wind pours from your mouth, orc lover]

  • Switches back to English

Your threats are meaningless, do you really think you can make me thrill?

Your surviving skills may be great, but you almost died when you struck back,

So what can a teenage girl do when a thousand orcs attack?

Who Won?

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