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8 Bit Rap Battles is a Rap Battle Series that does rap battles based off of video games and it's own high-speed artwork. It was created by French DeVient artists and writers, Py3rr and Jwil4n. It currently has 9 battles in it, and has a spin off series with movie characters that has 2 battles. It was started June 19th, 2012. 


1- Goku VS Sonic the Hedgehog

2- Crash Bandicoot VS Spyro the Dragon

3- Alucard VS Vincent Valentine

4- Bowser VS Ganondorf

5- The Lemmings VS The Worms

6- Dirk the Daring VS Sir Arthur

7 - Earthworm Jim VS Rayman

8 - Squirrel Smash - Chip and Dale VS Mister Nutz VS Zero VS Conker

9 - Megaman VS Vectorman

10 - Series Finale - Kratos VS Kefka

Movie Time Battles:Edit

1- Batman VS Iron Man

2- Legolas VS Katniss Everdeen